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Why my Dicksonia Antartica has produced short frondless stems?

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Can anybody help with my problem please as I was led to believe these trees were pretty disesase free. I have watered the crown and kept the trunk moist during warm spells etc. Last year it produced masses of gorgeous fronds, but this year it has thrown out 1 medium sized healthy frond and about 8/9 spores measuring between 1-3" in height with what looks like a black hard lump on the end of where frond should be? This fern is of very sentimental meaning and I dont want to loose it. Any ideas would be most welcome and grateful please!



I can only suggest it has got damaged some how. i.e. frost earlier in the year.
Did it get wrapped up during the cold weather? Is it in a very drafty spot?
Do you have a picture?

1 Sep, 2009


Thanks for your reply. Yes I did cover it with what was recommended in garden centre which was some sort of white felt material (it looked like a ghost when I covered it!) and I put straw in the crown. I will be able to send a picture on Friday. Maybe I should put it in the conservatory this winter? Thanks.

1 Sep, 2009

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