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I just bought a sad looking Aloha Lily at Loblaws for half price. I know it needs to go through a dormant period since it is now November, but it has two babies growin around it. It also seems to be root bound. How do I put it through its winter period and should i separate the babies from the main pot? should i pot them and leave them alone till spring or put them in a paper bag? thank you



Sorry no one has answered you. I found this on line which may help you?

"My aloha lily is droopy. It has new shoots coming out but I don't know if I am suppose to cut off the old ones or what to do to get them to perk back up.


This is a bulb plant like tulips. The flowers do not last forever. Clip the old ones off. To make the flowers last longer put it in a cooler location at night such as an unheated attached garage or turn your thermostat down 10 degrees at night. Keep it in a bright sunny window during the day with the drapes and blinds open all day. Make sure it is in a pot with drain holes and a drain tray under it. An hour after you water it empty the drain tray so it is not sitting in a tray full of water. It is not a swamp plant. That will rot the roots. Do not water it until the surface of the soil is very dry and the pot feels noticeably lighter. Fertilize it with a water soluble fertilizer that says it is for blooming plants every time you water following the instructions on the package of fertilizer. If you follow those instructions your plant should perk back up for awhile. Since it is a bulb plant it will eventually need a dormant period. If you are following these instructions and it seems to die back on it's own cut back on the water and let it go dry. Place the plant in a brown paper bag and ignore it for 3 months. Then start checking it for signs of growth every 2 weeks. When you see growth bring it back out and set in in the sunny window and begin watering with fertilizer it should grow and bloom again. Bulb plants need a lot of fertilizer to maintain the size of the bulb so it will bloom profusely. During the summer this plant can go outdoors in a semi shady place so it doesn't get sunburned in the hottest part of the day. As the bulbs grow babies you will eventually be able to divide the plant in the fall when you are putting the plant in dormancy. Good luck with your beautiful plant."

7 Nov, 2012

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