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how do you keep foxs out of your vegetable plots

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

i have foxs in my garden of the night and they are digging holes in my vegetable to stop them?



Human hair hung around the site at regular intervals.
Or human urine, preferably male! But neighbours may complain if you start ... around plot!

You can by lion poo pellets form garden centre, they are meant to scare cats, but may work for foxes.

Not sure of anything else

30 Aug, 2009


Sometimes it is better to have a fox than Rabbits. I once had a piece of ground left unwired because there was a Foxes den in the hedgerow, Nothing ever got nibbled , but when the babies arrived they sat on my seed bed of young trees and turned them into Bonsai.

30 Aug, 2009


Foxes digging holes... take their spades off them ;-)

8 Sep, 2009


ha ha good one?
i will lock the shed so he can't plant the seed as well?

8 Sep, 2009


My dog chases people on bicycles... so I took his bicycle off him, ba bum ;-)

8 Sep, 2009

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