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HELP - Tomato Blight

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Hi This is my first year of a green house, planted four tomato plants and four cucmbers, cucumbers growing fantastic. But the tomatoes have all got black stems and leaves, assume this is the blight! Questions : will my cucumbers be OK? when everything is finished should I dispose of all the soil and repalce with new, or just give the soil a good fertilize? Please help, I have two buckets of tomotoes for Chutney!!!! But going to try the banana trick



Are the tomatoes in grow bags pots or straight in the soil.? It certainly sounds like blight it's been a devil this year.I think your cucumbers should be ok though.

30 Aug, 2009


The tomatoes are in soil in my greenhouse, a specially dug trench, then filled with grow bag compost. Cucumbers are still doing well.

31 Aug, 2009

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