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Why have my green peppers in the greenhouse developed a blackish "bloom" ?


By Mad

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

They don't look as though they're going bad. Sorry I can't send a photo. I am new to a computer and don't know how to yet!



Hi mad. there is nothing wrong with your peppers, they are ripening, after the blackish bloom they will turn red.

30 Aug, 2009


Hello Mad.

I grew chillies for the first time this year, and I noticed that they turned black. I thought they were diseased and was about to cut them off when a friend pointed out that this is what they do before turning red. They were Apaches - I'm just waiting for the the Pepperino's to do the same now!

30 Aug, 2009


I have some chillies, white going purple!

1 Sep, 2009

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