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Curly Hazel fungal infection

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The leaves of my curly hazel have turned black, dried and dropped off this summer. The stems have little pods on them which can be scraped off and look white on the inside. Is this a fungus and can it be treated. Thankyou



A photo of the "pods" would help - it could be fungus, it could be smuts, it could be a seriously heavy scale infestation - is the plant still alive, does it have any signs of growth at all? Also, where is it growing, in the soil or a pot?

29 Aug, 2009


The plant is still alive, tiny catkins and leaf buds are showing and it did produce nuts this year. The plant is in a large pot and has been in situ for 2 years.

29 Aug, 2009


Well that's something. I grew one in a large pot, but I have to say it didn't do too well- it was okay for the first couple of years, but really suffered after that and I moved it into the garden, where it grew much more healthily. That might partially be the problem - it can't get sufficient root spread to grow well.

30 Aug, 2009


I had been thinking of planting it in the garden so will go ahead and do that and see what happens - thanks

30 Aug, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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