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Can anyone tell me what these succulents are?


By Vico

herts, United Kingdom Gb

They have soft buds (grey/green in colour) which sprout from woody stems, the daisy type flowers range in colour from the purple and maroon shown through to orange. The plants can have either small buds as shown here or medium and indeed even large buds, with larger flowers. They like lots of sunshine, little water, i use cactus feed.




They look like mesembryantheums, Vico.

27 Aug, 2009


I have this and love it's beautiful colours. After a bit if research, I came up with Roosvygie, Mini Ice Plant (Lampranthus roseus). It grows quite profusely in Med countries. A friend in Spain says it's almost like a weed there as it's easily spread - even a few leaves will germinate readily. I always renew mine every couple of years - if they get too 'woody' the flowers are reduced

27 Aug, 2009


Would need a closer look to be sure. In this photo it looks like the hardy ice plant - delosperma cooperi (synonym. is mesembryanthemum cooperi). Common names: hardy ice plant or trailing ice plant.

The delosperma (mesembryanthemum) cooperi and the lampranthus roseus are from the same family - aizoaceae.

30 Aug, 2009

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