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Tree chippings as mulch

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We have a large garden with about thirty fairly trees which all need heavy pruning this autumn. Some of them are Eucalpyts.

Can I put the chippings straight onto the borders as a mulch or must I wait for them to compost down?



Its best to leave them ayear to weather down and rot down.
They take nitrogen form the soil during the rotting process which isnt what you would want if placed around borders.
Just put them in a big heap and leave.
You could put an nitrogen rich feriliser down before spreadig fresh chippings, but that isnt advisabel as autumn is coming and you dont want fresh green growth when the weather is starting to turn cooler, eventually leading to frosts.

Leave till spring and then a bit of nitrogen fert, not much and only on soil, then mulch.
Atleast 5, 6 or 7 months after chipping takes you to march time

26 Aug, 2009


when i asked the RHS they said 6 months would be adequate. you may find you get small toadstools etc but nothing to worry about. unless the trees have some fungal infection already.

26 Aug, 2009


As mulch I would agree with keeping until parlty decomposed, but for paths and areas where nothing is to grow then you can use them straight away.

26 Aug, 2009


Yup we put our prunings through the shredder and then onto the paths

26 Aug, 2009


Thankyou all very much for your helpful replies..

We'll chip the prunings and leave them to overwinter (at least) in a heap somewhere and spread them on the borders next year. :)


26 Aug, 2009

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