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Overwinter Fuchsias


By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

What method does everyone use?

I have heard to plunge fuchsias in warm water and a little jeyes fluid .

After you have well pruned fuchsias before they rest.



You can plunge your Fuchsias as you say, but I would only deadhead. Leave cutting back till February.

26 Aug, 2009


Personally I prefer Armillatox (it has the reputation of keeping the dreaded vine weevil at bay!!) to "dunk and drain" before laying them in a trench and covering them completely - like in an old fashioned potato pit. Like Drbob says .....don't cut them back....just remove flowers and big leaves...that would cause rotting problems. When you dig them up - and that is a personal decision....they will have tiny little pink "eyes" of new growth ...all ready to go green in the light. Never failed for me I must say....even some of my trickier species survived that treatment!

26 Aug, 2009


Alzheimer I remember my Dad saying an old chap in Stonie told him he always buried his fuchsias in a trench in the garden .

Thanks Dr Boby and Alzheimer is it raining in Stonie yet its chucking it down with us.

26 Aug, 2009


For once the Met office got it right ......rain by 10 am and RAIN by on.:-((( Also blowing half a gale and down to 50F....not good but the rain is easing now ...TG as I have alterations going on in the kitchen and the doors are all open...brrrr!

As for the fuchsias - yes you can bury them in the garden - just like a tattie clamp! I usually bury them in the border of the greenhouse where the tomatoes come out of...and drench the area with Armillatox first - to see off any bugs and beasties! Once they are buried - I then put a layer of sacking over the top as I don't heat my greenhouse any more. I never disturb them and they come out in the spring all eady to get growing again!

26 Aug, 2009


I no longer have trenches in greenhouse but behind my greenhouse i has a border behidn garden which is very sheltered coudl bury in there and other is my woodland erea plenty room to bury .

I shall try to bury some of them AL.

Other borders I do have bark around my shrubs .

Still wet wet wet .

26 Aug, 2009

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