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Moving a Bottle Brush bush


By Revrich

United Kingdom Gb

I need to move my bottle brust bush as it is to large for where I oringinally put it, when is the best time to do this and what do I need to be aware of



hi Revrich i do all my moving in autumn. i alway cut the plant back alot so that it has less to support as it settles in.

23 Aug, 2009


You don't say how big the plant is currently, nor how long its been in situ, and this will have an impact on how far out from the mainstem you start digging out so as not to destroy too many roots and keep a good sized rootball. If its only been a couple of years or so, then start digging with a fork about a foot or so out from the main stem, loosen all round, move some of the soil out of the way and check where the main roots are going (there'll probably be some spreading further) and extract the roots, preferably without breaking them, and remove the whole plant with its rootball as intact as you can keep it. I'd be inclined to do this either during September, or in March next year. Remember to water thoroughly and keep it watered once moved, even if its raining a bit, you need to keep that rootball moist for a while till it re roots properly.

24 Aug, 2009


When you do move it, as Sandra said, cut it back. You can keep it pruned regularly and it will keep the shrub more compact and easily manageable.

24 Aug, 2009

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