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Can anyone identify this plant


By Jill_

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

My son saw this on a walk in Hereford, UK, and asked me what it was - but I have never seen one before.




It is an abutilon, can't recall full name. Someone clever will tell you!

23 Aug, 2009


I pretty sure its abutilon megapotamicum - but I'm not that clever ,it's taken me ages to recall Abutilon - once I'd got that, then I remembered the rest... !

23 Aug, 2009


Good one Bamboo

23 Aug, 2009


Thank you both for helping - I've never heard of it either! I shall now look it up to see if there's a common name.

I had absolute faith that someone here would know, and you haven't let me down.

23 Aug, 2009


I have never seen one of these before its beautiful
such lovely colours
thanks for sharing its going on my wishlist after Ive read about it

x x x x

23 Aug, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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