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I live in British Columbia, and my golden hops are in the second year....what can I do with the hops


By Mitsy

Greenwood British Columbia, Canada Ca

what do I do with the little hops my golden plant has there any use for them other than to make beer?



Not that I am aware of Mitsy

22 Aug, 2009


Its quite fashionable here to have dried hops as a sort of garland in the house, usually in country houses with beams, where the hop garland is draped. If that's your kind of thing ... very expensive to buy ready to hang!

22 Aug, 2009


Dried hops are great for Insomnia. Stuff a small cotton bag with them and insert them in your pillowcase.....they have been used for centuries as a remedy for this complaint.

22 Aug, 2009

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