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By Masie

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

Hi guy's, Can anyone tell me how to dry out pampas plumes for home display indoors. Thanks, Masie.



They tend to dry naturally on the plants anyway in autumn so all you need to do is to cut them and bring them in to finish drying, assuming it's always raining where you are!
....sorry, I see you are in Wales so it probably IS raining all the time!
I'd cut them and pop them in a greenhouse or any other dry warm place (airing cupboard?)

25 Oct, 2012


Thanks Bertiefox, your right, Wales does have a lot of rain,ha ha ha , but we do have a window in the weather and I,m keen to get started. thanks again for your quick response, Masie.

25 Oct, 2012


We always had these plants in the family, but they do tend to make a mess loosing their "fluffy" bits when they are realy warned (:0)

25 Oct, 2012

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