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I'm growing a laurel bush in a tub, what should I feed it?


By Foxey

United Kingdom Gb

the bush is an unusual one, with thick branches and large purple berries



You will have to have a very large tub to maintain a good Laurel, I think!!

20 Aug, 2009


A good general purpose feed will do ( Miracle Gro etc) and in Spring scrape off the top inch of compost, sprinkle some Growmore round and cover with fresh compost. Keep well watered even if it rains!

20 Aug, 2009


I'm not sure you're talking about what is usually called a Laurel, by your description - any chance of a pic? Laurel usually means either Aucuba varieties or Prunus laurocerasus - which have you got? Or is it neither of those? (Google those names if you're not sure...)

20 Aug, 2009


Maybe it is a Bay Tree, in which case it does quite well in a tub with feeding occasionally.

21 Aug, 2009

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