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I wonder if you can help. I have a japanese willow which despite my best endeavours, I fail to prune into a perfect ball shape. Is there anything on the market to assist me please, or could anyone share any tips, which would be very much appreciated.



Think its just having the eye! If your not going for a to large a ball, try sitting or holding a hanging basket on top of it with the rim in line with the center of the willow (if that makes sense), so the pieces poke through and can be trimmed to the basket. Underneath may be a challege with a basket, unless you cut a slot in i .
May not work but just came into my head!

18 Aug, 2009


Thanks very much for the tip. I obviously do not have the eye, but hopefully your suggestion will go a long way in helping. Again, thanks for taking the time to respond.

18 Aug, 2009


NOt being insulting by saying about the eye

18 Aug, 2009


Look for topiary frames or make one yourself using some strong wire to make the shape over something like a beach ball or one of those excercise ball thingy's that are all the rage just now.
I have two of these plants but I don't know when is the best time to prune/shape them??

19 Aug, 2009


Hi Nicky - No offence taken at all!

Thanks for the advice re the topiary frame, I will have a look on the net to see what I can find.

My sister tells me not to prune now, as someone she knows did last year, and the plant died. Spring is the best time apparently.

Thanks again both

20 Aug, 2009


Spring is better for willows, they tend to sulk or die now!

22 Aug, 2009

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