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Last year's (2011) ponsettia is still growing - but not red!


By Trixie

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Last year's ponsettia is still growing. Although the new leaves are green. How can I make them red? Probably a daft question.

Thanks for tips - I put the plant in a dark place for most of Dec but only a few small new leaves grew red, the rest stayed green. It is still surviving but looks a bit woody and boring now. Dec 2012 plant got over watered and died within weeks!



Congratulations, it isn't easy to keep them going. Getting the red bracts is all to do with day length and watering but I can't remember the details. I think one thing is to give it the natural daylight span so not have it in artificial light in the evening, but perhaps somebody else will be able to tell you the rest. Good luck anyway.

22 Oct, 2012


I understand that covering the plant with a black cloth from early afternoon to next morning helps it to turn red. You could probably put it in a cupboard - the main thing is to have it in the dark for most of the time, although you may want to keep it where it is, as it's obviously happy there. If you start doing that now, it should be ready towards Christmas.

22 Oct, 2012


Do let us know if you manage it Trixie! good luck.

23 Oct, 2012


Thanks for the advice, I have put in a cupboard for now and lets see what happens, fingers crossed.

31 Oct, 2012

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