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Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Can anybody please tell me what this is? We were given it as a cutting and I have seen it in many other gardens aswell, yet I have searched for it online and cannot seem to find a match anywhere.It grows quite happily in the shade in our garden, and is definatly a climbing plant. But I have also seen it crawling up steps up to front doors and in the cracks in patios etc. It has smallish purple flowers about 3cm across with 5 petals, with hairy spade shaped leaves ranging in size from 1cm to 6cm. It is so commonly spotted by myself, somebody must know what it is!




Campanula for sure, which variety, hmm, carpatica most likely, though would need to see a pic of the whole plant to be 100%. Does it throw out long sprays with flowers on which then start to look tatty and lanky - if so, then its Campanula carpatica

17 Aug, 2009


I think it may be Campanula poscharskyana. This one trails and even climbs up and through things. The flowers look like it too being wide open and almost flat.

17 Aug, 2009

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