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how do you protect cordyline plant from frost



I never bother I just leave them to their own resources!

But if you do not want to risk that, cocoon it in fleece by wrapping the fleece around it and tying it top bottom and possibly middle subject to size!

21 Oct, 2012


hi shiela i had some pics of a plantwrapped up like a mummy and very well done but i have deleted a lot of stuff now i was getting too much to sort out but the ladies mum had a penchant for wrapping.can some one help shiela from my info

21 Oct, 2012


hi again just found it from scottish 2 days ago //wrapping up for winter.? 18 october

21 Oct, 2012


As snoop was saying - have a look at what I have done with mine - I'm expecting a cold one this winter - so I hope it will survive.
Snoop - she doesn't have a penchant for wrapping - it's the tender plants she is drawn too :))

21 Oct, 2012


hi scottish my mistake must have got exited when i knew the answer haha

22 Oct, 2012

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