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Plant identification


By Timwij

NJ, United States Us

A co-worker gave everyone in our department a little houseplant for their desks. Everyone got a different plant. This one's mine & I don't know what it is. It looks like it might be a speckled laurel but I'm not sure. There are veins in the leaf that seem to run parallel to the central vein, from one end to the other. They don't seem to go out from the center to the leaf edge. the edges of the leaves are smooth, not jagged in any way.




This looks like one of the "shrubby" Draceana's. Most have the typical Cordyline/Draceana growth habit but a few have developed this unusual (for a monocot, plants with parallel veins in their leaves) growth habit that looks more like a Camellia when fully grown.

Nice plant too!

Ps the only other possible candidate would be Agleonema, however the stems don't look anywhere thick enough for that genus.

12 Aug, 2009


Just looked up the exact species and it's Draceana godseffiana

12 Aug, 2009


awesome! Now my nice plant has a name! Thanks very much. One last question: do you think this plant will do well in the office? no smokers, i water it when it needs it. no sunlight though.

12 Aug, 2009


I think it needs a little more atmospheric humidity than the strappy leaved types so stand it on a gravel tray and keep the gravel moist. As this evaporates, it should help keep it happy.

13 Aug, 2009


that's great information, thanks again for your help, Fractal!

13 Aug, 2009

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