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Please can you give me some tips on pitcher plants eg When do I repot and what compost do I repot it with thank you


By Cst

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I have a pitcher plant which is doing very well having sprouted 3 more large trumpets since we bought it in June but the pot is looking a bit crowded so wondered when to repot and what compost to use

On plant don't know



We need to know if it is a Nepenthes (the vine types that climb) or a Sarracenia which are borderline hardy and have a distinct rest period.

10 Aug, 2009


I am new to growing sarracenia and last year about this time I asked the same question and one of the experts on this site called Sarraseniac answered me.
Some of the points he made were ...never use fertiliser ; they get all their nutrients from insects. I divided mine in late summer and he recommended what he uses which is a 1;1;1 mixture of peat, pearlite or vermiculite , and lastly sharp sand. In summer they like to sit in rainwater and be sopping wet. Must be rainwater or similar. In winter they become dormant and are kept in a cold frame or cold greenhouse with an occasional watering so they dont dry out completely. I did all that and the split plants were very slow to get going this year but are fine now.

10 Aug, 2009

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