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Two different cordyline problems

Ayrshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi I have a green/yellow variegated cordyline. Its in a pot, about 5 years old. Its suddenly got new leafs sprouting from almost the base of the trunk on one side. - do i cut these off? How do I fix this?

Secondly at the side of the house in the ground is a 3 year old brown/pink one. It got ruined with wind last winter and looked really awful. Now there are about 50 new leafs sprouting from the base of the trunk - what do I do? Do I cut the trunk? Cut the 'babies' ? How do I save these poor things.



With the brown/pink one, you can cut out the main stem and leave the rest to grow, or you can attempt to remove some of the leaf "clusters" and get them to root. If the green/yellow one is healthy at the top, just growing a baby, try taking it off and see if it will grow separately.

9 Aug, 2009


Some pictures would be helpful, you are probably talking about the new growth. Cordylines do sprout shoots from the side so there are more than one growth areas.

9 Aug, 2009

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