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I have blobs of green slime appearing on a gravel path. What is it and how do I get rid of it?


By Harveyb

wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

The slime is jelly like and is in patches



sounds a bit like when leaves have got really soggy when theyare sat in water, they start to disolve into a green gunge type mixture?!

x xx

7 Aug, 2009


Hi Harveyb.
I have the same, mine is on the grass, exactly as you describe it. It seems to dry up when it is hot and sunny then puffs up after it has rained. Where it is, is sunny and not shady at all, but have not been able to work out what causes it.
I have not done anything about it. Let's hope someone replies back.

7 Aug, 2009


Hi Harveyb. this is algae and forms in wet conditions - same thing that we keep removing from our pond. There are chemical treatments that will remove from hard surfaces. Take a look at

7 Aug, 2009


It actually looks like lily beetles excrements to me.

7 Aug, 2009


it sounds more like the slime molds. they are a relative of the fungi. It is an incredible organism if it is. they dont do any harm sodont worry.

7 Aug, 2009


Um Michaella... where is the pix?

7 Aug, 2009


Moon grower they have disappeared at the moment, but they will be back and when they do I shall take a picture and post it. Thanks!

9 Aug, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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