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a few ids please, i think the first one is maybe a type of chickweed but not 100% and thought the 2nd one was fools parsley but again not 100%. thank you

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If you cut the stem of the first one does it bleed a white fluid? If so it could be a type of euphorbia - I have them all over the garden and its a nuisance weed. Second one is a type of wild parsley - cow parsley but there are loads of different types.

12 Oct, 2012


thank you, the first one is an euphorbia and its common name is madwoman's milk! made me laugh! i am having trouble with parsley one, so many and they all look so similar! thanks again!

12 Oct, 2012


Like Cammomile I have this weed growing in parts of my garden and you will be mad when it gets on your skin Catty if like me it brings you out in blisters. So take care when handling it that you dont damage it and get the sap on your skin.

12 Oct, 2012


thank you, i did read the "milk" is toxic but didn't realise it caused blisters, thanks for the heads up!

12 Oct, 2012


The other one is hard to identify as there are so many similar ones and the differences are quite small.Probably one of the parsleys, perhaps small burr parsley??

12 Oct, 2012

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