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coryline....should i cut down?


By Steviep

middlesex, United Kingdom Gb

hello, i have a querie if anyone can help? i have a coryline australis? of which grew 3ft across before growing horizontal, anyway i have new growth from in the middle of picture growing through the middle of the b ush, could i cut the tree after the new growth and would it survive?.....thanks steve




Hi steve your question seems to be a bit confused I think you mean grew horizontaly then grew verticaly. any way the new growth is a root off shoot if you mean cut the tree down after the new growth has established it has already established its self and will continue to grow after cutting down the larger growth

6 Aug, 2009


HI steve, Do you need to cut the Mother Tree down for some reason? The new Growth is called a pup, it shoots from the bottom of the mother Tree, It seems to have (fallen over) and in fact the pup is growing from the bottom of the stem..You could Take the Mother tree out and the pup will grow, or just leave it as it is..

6 Aug, 2009


thanks guys the reason why i was after cuttin down was it seems abit unsafe, but i will leave for a while so too see how the new growth / pup progresses ...thanks again steviep

6 Aug, 2009


It might benefit the pup to trim back the shrub to give it more space to grow.

6 Aug, 2009

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