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will my passion flowers grow back?


By Drazic

United States Us

Hi I have just moved into new house the garden was overgrown , when i have chopped everything back i realised i had three passion flower trunks that had been hacked about two feet from the ground. one has sraggley green stems off the woody base but the other looks like dead wood. what should i do as i love passion flowers and dont want to dig them up if theres a chance of regrowth.



welcome to GoY.
dont worry they will resprout ok. As for the 'dead' one scape about 1cm of bark off the stem, near the soil level. if the wood is green below the bark it is alive, if it is brown it is dead. if dead then you might as well remove it to prevent fungal infection.

4 Aug, 2009


We chop ours almost back to ground level every autumn and there it is again in Spring - and by Summer it's threatening our upstairs balcony with balcon-domination!

4 Aug, 2009

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