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Before collecting Sweet Pea pods, am I supposed to wait until they turn brown?

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I have just yanked these things out of the ground because they were getting very leggy and the flowers were finished and there were little pod things all over them. I have just started to flick the peas out and my neigbour (ever vigilant) tells me the peas are no use as seeds until the pods go brown? Anyone know for sure?



They are better left until the pod dries and the seed matures. If the peas are brown or no longer a fresh green you might just be lucky to get away with it. keep them in a paper bag or envelope not plastic.

3 Aug, 2009


Personally I agree with your neighbour - and say you have shot yourself in the foot by being too tidy!! LOL ! Seriously though - they really do better if left to mature and dry off on the plant in the ground. THEN remove the pods and spread them on a newspaper until really dry brown and crisp - and they will probably twist and open for themselves. The seed will be dark brown and you keep them in a dry cool place until sowing time. If you have any plants left in the ground.... leave 'em there and any plants you have pulled up whole - hang up in a garage until they dry just MIGHT get some viable seed from those pods. Good luck!

4 Aug, 2009


AHA now I did NOT know the bit about hanging the old plants up till they dried off. WILL try that, many thanks.Rox

4 Aug, 2009

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