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Once again ID, please... In my daughter-in-law's new garden near Edinburgh. The seeds are in a chinese-lantern-type pod. How should she cherish the existing plant (she's an avowed gardening beginner)? And could I try to grow it from seed?




I think this is Eccremocarpus scaber, aka Chilean flame flower. We grow if here in Cumbria, but definitely as an annual - it won't survive winter here. It's an enthusiastic scrambler and will happily clamber about hither and yon among other plants, but it's best to put it near shrubs or climbers. Ours grow on a wall which is densely planted with roses and other climbers, where it adds a slightly exotic touch.

10 Oct, 2012


Celia's right, that's exactly what it is. In milder areas it may get through a winter in a very sheltered spot, I once had one for 6 years, but they're easily raised from seed.

11 Oct, 2012


Many thanks to you both!

22 Oct, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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