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I love this site......I know that I among friends !
Please can you tell me what to do with a splendid crop of
of green tomatoes.A neighbour handed me the plants,and I just jammed them into a small container, watered and fed them and hoped for the best. They came late but hey presto! I'm afraid I am not into making chutney.



they may ripen if you put a few in a paper bag with an apple/ banana. or pop them on a sunny window sill [if we get any sun] some will ripen. I have used them in stews to add flavour.

10 Oct, 2012


If you have lots you can spread them on newspaper anywhere eg a spare bed, with banana skins or one or two ripe tomatoes, where they will ripen a few at a time over quite a long period. They do not actually need sun but warmth helps speed things up.

10 Oct, 2012


I got a little tired of constant Green Tomato Chutney several years ago so looked on the internet for alternatives - then I made Green Tomato CAKE. Hm! Don't think I'll be doing that again. Nor Green Tomato Soup - too thin and vinegary! Stick with Chutney! ;o)

11 Oct, 2012


I tried to GET some green tomatoes a year or two ago from neighbours (who all grow tomatoes) as I have an old Good Housekeeping recipe for a powerful green- tomato-plus-red-peppers-&-garlic chutney that I love ...

I was told that here in France there are NEVER green tomatoes - they all ripen before the first frost! (another thing that Napoleon Bonaparte must clearly have organised...)

Still, in a good year it makes for good passata!...

11 Oct, 2012


We have just picked all the remaining tomatoes from the polytunnel as they were not doing anything. They will just sit quietly on the kitchen window sill in a box and ripen slowly, possibly even up to Christmas, no paper, no banana skins, just left in peace to get on with it.

11 Oct, 2012


Many thanks ,everyone. I shall pick the tomatoes today
and let them ripen slowly. I may even get the chutney bug! I'm getting old, but still learning.

11 Oct, 2012

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