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I am growing tomatoes for the 1st time and someone told me that it is okay to pick them while still green, put them in a egg box, put in a cupboard and they will eventually turn red. Has anybody heard if this is okay.



Well they will ripen but they need to be relatively close to natural rippening. If removed too early off the plant, they wont necessarily ripen.
I can't see why you would want ot pick them when green as they may as well be left on the plant to ripen.

Normally green ones are removed towards the end of the season, when the weathers chills and there is less sun and heat about. Then you can put them somewhere like a draw with a banana which will aid the rippening process, as bananas give of ethaline gas when they ripen too.

Just open the draw occasionally to let some fresh air in a change banana as it will ripen itself too!

2 Aug, 2009


I wouldn't consider removing green fruit from the tomatoes right now... the sun and heat will ripen them over the next month or so. A Nicky says once the autumn sets in it is a different matter. Around or just after the equinox I will pick all the remaining toms, destroy the vines, and put the remaining fruits somewhere warm to ripen off. You can off course make green tomato chutney with them too.

2 Aug, 2009


They say that hanging a banana under the tomato plant - from its lowest truss - also hastens ripening - never tried it myself - never needed to as I usually have a pound or two ready each day! No way would I pick the green ones yet - maybe at the far end of Sept...even Oct. and anyway - they taste far better ripened on the vine. That's why the supermarkets are selling them like does help..even those pre-packed ones - well maybe!!

2 Aug, 2009


I only eat the vine ones from the supermarket Alzheimer...they definitely taste & smell better than the others which can be bland & tasteless. I didn't know you could leave them on as late as Oct tho'...temps permitting.

2 Aug, 2009


I remember doing the wrapping up in tissue paper and putting in a box/drawer thing years ago, at the end of the season. They did ripen up, but they tasted awful!
I think you'd be far better off making green tomato chutney or enjoying the ripe ones in the main season.

2 Aug, 2009


Yes - I leave my tomatoes on ALAP (as late as possible!!) and indeed I have had great fun leaving the Tomazing variety on the plants until the New Year and eating them FRESH on Xmas day...honest! They were delicious. I did by accident the first time - due to illness I was never up in my greenhouse until Feb when I went to start the spring clean and found lovely ripe toms. had survived. I had a feast as did my helper that day and I have done it ever since!!

2 Aug, 2009


Not convinced about the entire vine ripened ones you get in super markets.
Seems a little to perfect! They are older nearest the plants and therefore ripen first, going down the truss ripening away.
A man where i works never buys tomatoes, only grows his own as he knows all to well the ways toms are 'made', he having owned a tomato nursery years ago!!!! The same with all salad crops

2 Aug, 2009


Quite agree - I never buy supermarket ones...they are tasteless bags of red water..yuk! Like all the fruit and veg that looks uniform and perfect - it is a huge con..and Jo or Josephine (!) Public should demand the real thing - that the UK can permitting of course! So - let's pray there will be an Indian summer this year for all the green they can ripen naturally.

3 Aug, 2009


Trouble is every one is so used to perfect uniform fruit and veg, peppers with 4 sections etc, straight cucumbers, and even a EU set curve on bananas!
Thanet Earth in Kent is a new build greenhouse (except its huge) producing 10% of UK salad, toms peppers, etc. Hectares of glass, massive!!! i think 7 football pitches big!

3 Aug, 2009

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