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By Junie

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, am thinking of planting some bamboo in a wet part of my garden, but I dont want anything that will set off on a rampage all over the place! Any ideas, please?



Lots of people plant it in a dustbin with the bottom removed, having first buried it in the border - it means digging a deep and wide hole, but it stops the bamboo from taking over. Alternatively, you just need some kind of impermeable barrier 18 inches to 2 feet vertically down into the soil all around the roots at the point where you don't want it to go - vinyl kitchen flooring, for instance. Its all a bit tedious to do, but its even more tedious if you don't - years of trying to eradicate it. There are some varieties that should just clump and not run in this country, but now that we're warmer, this seems to no longer be true.

1 Aug, 2009


Very resilient Bamboo - it prefers it's heads in the clouds, with dripping foliage around, to provide a moist root run. However, it you have sharp enough axe, this is no problem.
Alternatively, plant it in the driest possible locale, out in the open, and water it once a month. Chop off all the lower leaves, so that the sun can penetrate the roots. It will now be less prone to spread, but spread it will, eventually.
Back to the axe!!!
Ever thought of Ligularia, Lythrum or my favourite Thalictrums?
They only need scizzors!!!!!

1 Aug, 2009


thanks both, I will definitely consider some alterrnatives!

2 Aug, 2009


I agree....ligularia and thalictrum...easy peasy,,..

20 Jul, 2010

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