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Are uncinia rubra harmfull to cats?

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My cat keeps eating mine, is there any way to stop the cat doing this?

On plant Uncinia rubra



try putting some nepeta mussinii in the garden, also known as catmint.

30 Jul, 2009


I find in the garden they usually just stick to grass - but then having looked at uncinia I guess it comes under that category. Is there a patch of lawn for the cat to nibble on? Otherwise you could consider planting some 'cat grass' to tempt the cat - I think this is usually made of oats, possibly wheat grass as well. I know I've sprouted wheat indoors during a period when the cat had to stay indoors and she nibbled on that happily without problems.

The following site's really useful for future reference - it's a searchable database of toxic plants and uses Latin names so less chance of mixups. Unfortunately the plant doesn't show up on the search but I'd have thought that if it was a problem you'd know about it pretty quickly.

31 Jul, 2009


Cats nibble grass to help with their digestion - she's mistaking the sedge for grass. As Elleme says, can you provide her with some proper grass - a neatly mowed lawn isn't convenient for them to bite bits off - they need some long grass. i don't think sedge is poisenous at all.

31 Jul, 2009


I don't think its poisonous either - I used to leave one edge of the lawn in a not so noticeable spot to grow long specifically for my cats. And if you follow Stevebuk's suggestion re Nepeta, it won't stop your cat eating the grass - but I'd love to know if it survives - I could never keep it because the cats would roll around in ecstasy in it and kill it off before it got big enough to cope;-)

1 Aug, 2009


Thanks for the advice, I have found cat grass in a pet store so will try this and let you know. In the meantime I have sheiled the rubra with my holly bush (both in pots)!

So far so good....

Other than that I may have to put it in a hanging basket
That's the rubra not the cat!!!

1 Aug, 2009


LOL - what a pity - cats like being up high - expect she'd enjoy swinging about over your head!!

3 Aug, 2009


I don't think that the sedges are toxic to cats.With regard to keeping Nepeta(catnip),plant it in full sun&free-draining soil,then place an overturned wire hanging basket over it,in so doing,cats can only"prune it"to a recoverable height.

28 Jun, 2016

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