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I have a Canary Date Palm thats about 2-3 years old, from soil to top hieght is 30inches, span of leaves are about 40inches. i repotted it back in July as it ate all the soil in it's origional container. As of late Leaves are going brown on tip and speaping to stems. Water seems to make it greener but not for long. Repotted in decent soil from garden mixed in with a little seeding composte. I always protect it from cold at nights and give it maximum Sun exposer I can. I know I'm a Dummy but I like this plant and do not want to see it die. Please help. Many Thanks in Advance.



Phoenix canariensis is not fully hardy in this country, so if this has happened since colder nights arrived, it might be that. Photograph might help, but dry brown tips usually means not enough water at the roots, or possibly exposure to cold winds.

7 Oct, 2012

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