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why are my pear tree leaves like skeletons

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My pear trees are infested with small leech like slimy caterpillars. They are about 2 centimetres long, dark brown and sort of tranparent slimy looking with lots of little legs. They suck all the sap out of the leaves which turn brown and dead looking. There are thousands of these wormy things and I don't like to spary as the trees laden with pears. I live in Jersey and have never seen anything like them before.



You could try spraying with soapy water - that is what we use on the brassicas if we have a real problem. Alternatively if you have the time, and the patience, you can hand pick them off... or pray for a flock of birds to come along and eat them. They wont harm the actual tree just decimate the leaves.

26 Jul, 2009

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