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By Sjw

gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anybody know the name of a really large flowering agapanthus. I did buy some bare root specimens from Broadleigh bulbs, the description was of large flowering ones, but I have seen a lot larger. Do the flowers get larger with age.



I think the largest flowering ones are actually Agapanthus africanus - but they're tender, won't survive outdoors. A. campanulatus has slightly different flower form and smaller heads generally, otherwise, most of the Bressingham hybrids are much of a muchness in size of flower. I assume you're feeding the plant during the season.

23 Jul, 2009


If I were you I WOULD NOT PLANT AN AGAPANTHUS!!!!! In some parts of Australia they're classified as a noxoius weed and they're VERY invasive. We pulled some out of our garden recently and it was a NIGHTMARE, all the roots breaking off and we had to sift the soil which took ages...your garden patch is better off without them!!!!!

26 Jul, 2009


What a beautiful weed, I would gladly replace all my bindweed with agapanthus, as I am sure most of us would.

26 Jul, 2009

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