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1).I had 5 philodendrons at home in pots; they were growing huge and even had flowers and fruits. Last year all of them suddenly died, their roots look rotten. What has happen to cause this?
2). My smaragd thuya in the garden developed a lot of brown dying branches, what can be the reason and how can i reverse this and keep this tree happy?
I will be very grateful for answers,



Over watering could have rotted the roots of the Philodendrons.
Is the Thuya newly planted or established a while?

5 Oct, 2012


Thuya is 15 years old and well established, should I feed it water it or do anything else to save it?

5 Oct, 2012


If it's in the garden it won't need watering! Has anything changed nearby? Any building work or spraying done? I would trim out the unsightly brown branches, but the shape may be spoiled. Sometimes these trees just start to die, unfortunately it may be irreversible. If it should die completely, dig out as much root as possible and replant with a different type of plant. If you are an RHS member you could send a piece to them for analysis in case it's fungal, although there may be no cure, at least you would know what it was. Sorry.

5 Oct, 2012


thank you very much for your help

10 Oct, 2012

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