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When is the right time to take up bulbs to store for next year?(gladioili and lillies).Just got a new greenhouse and would like to know what plants I could bring on for nice display next July and August in the front garden also what veg I could grow. Thank you.



I never take up Lillies as they are hardy if planted deeply in well draining soil.

Gladioli I have never been able to leave out. I have them in the borders, and lift when the foliage dies down (only ever got foliage this year come to think of it), normally after the first frosts. You remove any remaining foliage and place in slightly damp sand or soil in a greenhouse till spring.

If they are in pots then leave them in them as they will produce more corns that way and will start to grow naturally in spring.

3 Oct, 2012


I grow most of mine in pots that i plunge into the border as and where I need them. at this time of year I lift the pots knock the compost out. check the bulbs/corms for vineweevil grubs and any snail eggs etc. I then repot in fresh compost and keep in the unheated greenhouse. water is kept to a minimum and i keep an eye on them especially if it is sunny.

4 Oct, 2012

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