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Need to know about my Mangnolia Plant

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I purchased a plant Magnolia Susan. Red flowers. Any hints?



Hi. This form has flowers that are more mid purple than red but is a lovely one all the same.

Moderate in it's growth too sitting between Magnolia stellata and M. Soulangeana in size it makes a great border shrub for a position that's not too exposed to the full brunt of the wind and when planting, mix plenty of organic compost/leaf mould into the soil. It will take full sun though the ideal position is open glade amongst trees but who has that?

18 Jul, 2009


I have a border that i have just cleared and it has shade from a beech hedge that is down the south of the border. gets dappled shade. will it do well in that position do you think? its been in a big pot for 14 yrs and has stopped flowering [mega sulk]

18 Jul, 2009


Yes, get it planted. 14 years eh? The root ball will have to be feeding off itself by now I would think!!! I bet it doesn't make much in the way of new extension growth each year does it?

18 Jul, 2009


no its about 4 ft tall, lots of side shoots. will take photos once its sorted. It was a gift after my mum in law died. she was called susan but then i didnt have a suitable space for it, then we moved etc....
the weeds find plenty of nutrients in the pot though.

18 Jul, 2009

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