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By Afril

norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have anarrow bed next to my path adn would like some ideas on what small shrubs i could plant there. I already have a patio fuschia and I need others that won't overhang the path. THANKS



u should have lilys they grow upwards verticaly.

18 Jul, 2009


Is it sunny or shady, moist or dry? There are some lovely small hebes with variagated foliage which are evergreen and have pretty flowers. If it's dry and sunny there are some small potentillas which flower for a long time, helianthemums would like this too. Pittosporum 'Tom Thumb'. Euonymus 'Emerald & Gold' and Hyssopus officinals (Hyssop) would all look good. Even smaller you could have different colour heathers dependant on whether your soil is acid or not. So it really depends on your conditions.

18 Jul, 2009


If it's a sunny bed, you could add patio roses! They'd be lovely...some are fragrant, too.

18 Jul, 2009


Lavender Munstead Dwarf, Euonymus microphyllus, Verbena patagonica (syn. bonariensis), Campanula muralis, Berberis thunbergii "Helmond's Pillar"

18 Jul, 2009

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