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Hello you can see from my picture the growth of the branches. My question is when can i start to prune and how aggresive can i be..Thanks


By Richt18

United Kingdom Gb

Many thanks for the replies to the question.
I have checked the main stem and there is no growth from this or even below the Graft.
It seems that the branches are the issue here, lots of different directions of long growth.
So pruning seems to be the way forward but how far back do it go i.e to the Graft?
Thanks all for your time and answers...
This was a present to my Wife for our ninth year of marriage; I believe willow plays a part for that year!



On plant Dwarf Weeping Willow - Kilmarnock Willow




I have never seen a Kilmarnock willow grow in that haphazard fashion. Yes, you're right about the height, more or less, and yes they do spread sideways, but I'm not convinced that growth is actually the Kilmarnock - see if its appreciably different from the other growth on the plant - I'm thinking you may have a reverted shoot or two, or that the growth might be coming from below the graft. If it is either of those, take the rogue growth off right back to the main stem.

17 Jul, 2009


Now is quite a suitable time to prune. Stick the prunings in the ground and they will probably root. but only those from the one you want not the root stock

17 Jul, 2009


Our Kilmarnock willow has grown in height over the years until it is now approx 6 foot tall - definitely has a larger spread but I've rarely had to prune it.

17 Jul, 2009


I forgot to answer your question properly, got carried away with reversion! If the growth turns out to be like the rest, just clip off so that its the same length all round, and prune off the sticky out bits on that side till it looks neater and the same all round.

17 Jul, 2009


I did answer that in my final answer previously on 17th July;-)

18 Jul, 2009

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