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can i grow tomato plants in doors


By Doogle

basingstoke, United Kingdom Gb

i have recently been growing tomato plants and selling them but i am keeping 1 for my self and outside it is getting colder and i wanted to know can i grow them inside.



Living where you do the tomato plant should do fine outdoors, alternatively put in a cold greenhouse

17 Jul, 2009


The only problem growing inside (do you mean in a house on the windowsill?) is to have enough light. But as Moon grower says, they should be ok outside. Even better, grow outside with a polythene cover over a temporary frame which will help them grow better and protect them from any blight that's around.

17 Jul, 2009


You can buy little upright greenhouses that you can fit about 3 toms into. Think I saw some for about £10 at Poundstretcher - maybe your mum will give you the money if you wash all the windows or something ;-)

17 Jul, 2009

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