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Anyone have an idea what this is?

Massachusetts, United States Us

We live in Massachusetts where it has rained almost everyday for the last 7 weeks. The summer weather hasn't been this cool in over 100 years. This has the look of some kind of mushroom, at least it sprang up like a mushroom on a decayed tree stump in the woods at lawn's edge.




That's fascinating JN...there are so many fungus varieties that it could well be one. I know what you mean about the in Dorset, England we've had constant rain for what seems like weeks but is just days really! I do sympathise. :0)

16 Jul, 2009


Hi Fluff, the local tv weather gurus gave me the stats I used in this question, but we have now had three relatively sunny days in a row (yes!) As a 50+ year native of the area, I had never seen anything like it, and tried to identify it online. However with my pathetic botanical knowledge did not get very far. I uploaded a follow-up reduced-sized photo in hopes that it would load more quickly and to that I got several replies. If you haven't seen them, one was from "Rugbyhukr" a person of impressive botanical knowledge who provided a link for this flower, Monotropa uniflora aka ghost plant, and indian pipe. Thanks for your post. J

17 Jul, 2009

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