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I have found 1 web site where you can buy a rose bush and name it yourself for @ £50. I was wondering if there are any other sites that might do this.



I'm amazed - there are plenty of rose suppliers on the internet, but best is if you go to the garden centre and then you can see what plant you're actually buying. Roses by mail are best ordered in the autumn, not now. Unless I've misconstrued what you're saying, and you actually want a breeder to name a rose specially for your father?

16 Jul, 2009


I assume you wnat to name the rose from what i can read.

There are suppliers that will actually Name a new species or cultivar of rose for you, but it will cost hundreds of pounds to get it done as remember, it will have world wide availability, and there aren't many rose cultivars being produced all the time.

Not sure how to find them companies that will but perhaps contatct the British Rose Growers Association (i think thats what they are called). Google them

16 Jul, 2009


I once asked my local garden centre if I could name a rose after my son, Michael...there were a few already but they were famous Michaels...Crawford or Caine or something but they said I could name a rose for £200. That was about 5 years ago so will be more now.

16 Jul, 2009


There is a breeder in Langley, British Columbia who will name a rose whatever you want but the naming rights usually cost thousands of dollars. There are two up for grabs right now. One is $5500 and the other is $4000

18 Jul, 2009


The £50 one is a one off name for a generally un named rose, so many people may have it but each one is named different.

Naming an entirely new breed that is officially known as that across world is the more expensive £1000's of pounds naming

18 Jul, 2009

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