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why won't my star jasmine flower?

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I planted it 3 years ago. It's now starting to spread quite successfully over a south facing brick wall, though it does get some competition for food & water from a honeysuckle which grows nearby. I have been feeding the plant regularly with miracle grow but have now stopped doing this as the leaves started to become slightly variegated. There is now an abundance of pale green new leaves but still no flowers. It is planted in the ground in a typical London soil- ie not too acid & not too alkali.

On plant Trachellospermum Jasminoides



Mine took a few years to flower, but it was very small when I planted it. It flowered once the stems got to some decent daylight at about 3 feet tall. It doesn't really get fed much. Be patient!

15 Jul, 2009


Sounds like you've given it the right conditions, on a south facing wall, where presumably it gets some decent sun. Slightly concerned about the variegation of the leaves thats appeared though, this can mean a viral infection - assuming it wasn't the variegated version you planted in the first place. If the new growth is fine and there's no torsion or twisting of the leaves, then it's probably okay. You could try giving it a shot of tomato food, or appy sulphate of potash round the roots, late next Spring, but not this year.

15 Jul, 2009

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