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how do I rid my garden of horse hair weed coming from next door, please


By Dp057

B31 4QN, United Kingdom Gb

It is that weed that once you have its hard to get rid of



If you mean mares tail,then YES it is hard do get rid of,just persevere and get as much out as you can.
he problem is that if you leave a fraction of root in the soil it regenerates itself.Sorry

14 Jul, 2009


I agree with Bren, you just have to keep trying. Eventually you will succeed. Good Luck.

14 Jul, 2009


yes I have the wrong name I think its called mares tail. I have had two responses for with I thank you both and will follow advice and keep on top of it on a daily basis if need be.

Regards dorothy

14 Jul, 2009


Bane of my life too!!!!

14 Jul, 2009


I have decided to remove all the annual plants from this narrow border so that I can see as and when the mares tail starts and then attack it that much easrier.Why do people not keep on top of this when they first spot it

15 Jul, 2009


The answer to that is that they are not interested in what grows in their garden, it's only a place for the washing line and the dustbins.....

15 Jul, 2009


mares tail has a waxy protective film you need to damage this by strimming it but not to the ground just damage it and the use glyphosate (roundup )and spray it followimg the instructions on the bottle but do not let it near any other plant

16 Jul, 2009


hello Kev
Thank you for that information, I will get some glyphosate today to be ready when I see the next lot pop up.I will do my very best to insure I am not invaded, but if you could see the garden behind my fence I have a job on my hands.

17 Jul, 2009

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