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loss of a 20ft long established hedge.


By Bcvm

United Kingdom Gb

I am told that the loss of one by one hedge plants that had been established for some 10 yrs was due to a nearby property being built with deep foundations thereby depriving the water table from reachin the hedge, is this really possible, or is it more likely that the symptoms were due to honey fungus attack, which display the identical symptoms?



It sounds like Honey Fungus. Usually there has been a tree cut down or fallen down nearbye from which the fungus has spread. If not perhaps the other cause is posssible,

13 Jul, 2009


Both are possibilities, honey fungus is more likely though

14 Jul, 2009


Not all hedge plants are susceptible. What kind of hedge plants are you talking about? I know lots of people, for example, who have lost the odd leylandii hedge plant without all the rest dying.
Another factor is the size of your hedge plants/trees as if they have put down extensive roots and the neighbouring property is very close, their roots could have been damaged.

14 Jul, 2009


i'd go for the more sinister honey fungus. :o(

14 Jul, 2009

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