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why have my cucumber plants died?

merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

I have just picked my first crop of cucumbers and now my plants have shrivelled up and died. Any ideas why?



It could be lack of water, or i find that where the plant is level with the woil, they can sometime rot off quickly. This has happened at the nursery where i work, one day they are fine the next, wilted and never recover. The base may of been damaged as they were harvested from the plant, or the plant has just naturally finished prematurely as it was perhaps an inferior seed that it was grown from. Is the plant green and healthy or are there tiny red mites on the underside of the leaves making it look off color on both sides, along with tiny webs?

If yes then this will be why. They are Two spotted mites (aka Red spider mite). They feed on the plants and thrive in hot dry conditions esp greenhouses

16 Jul, 2009


The plant should be destroyed as the mites can overwinter in greenhouses and also afffect other crops, peppers, tomatoes etc

16 Jul, 2009

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