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We have a recurrent problem in our lawn of little black, jelly like capsules, almost like seaweed, that cluster in one particular area that is also prone to moss. They pop when you walk on them. I have looked up on the internet for all sorts of fungal lawn problems but cannot find any mention of this complaint. I have tried repeatedly raking and pricking the lawn area but it persists and we have had it now for several years. How can I get rid of it? The black bits are about the size of a pea.




I think this is Nostoc (witches butter) after rain it appears on paths and roofs and sometimes on poorly growing lawns. It is a blue-green algae, it does not affect turf but does indicate that the turf is thin and or growing in poor conditions. If you improve the health of that area of lawn such as drainage, feeding and reducing shade if its shady to encourage a thicker turf it should solve it.

26 Sep, 2012


Thank you - that is really helpful.

26 Sep, 2012

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