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iv ordered a patio victoria plum and a sweet cherry tree,what is best to grow them in -earth or compost ?also can i reuse the compost that i grew potatoes in?



I am assuming you intend to grow them in pots and you are asking whether to fill the pots with garden soil or compost.

Well it is a big NO to garden soil!

In terms of compost you would be better growing them in John Innis No 3 which is a SOIL based compost, rather than a run of the mill potting compost.....Tg

Just noticed the latter part of your question re potato compost. Personally I wouldn't risk it although I respect you want to economise!

What you could do is fill the bottom third of the pot with the the potato compost, mix a handful of bonemeal in it before you do, then fill the top two thirds with Ji 3

26 Sep, 2012

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