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can you take cuttings from a foxglove tree


By Sieley

United Kingdom Gb

I have a foxglove tree and have tried to take cuttings but they always wither and die



Root cuttings- 1-2inch long pieces of root 1/4 inch thick, press horizontally into pots of seed compost and cover with compost or vermiculite.

Or semi-ripe heel cuttings- pull a shoot 5-8cm long off a branch wghich will leave a piece of bark attached called a heel at the base, and pot up as with any other cutting, according to the RHS.

Cuttings tend not to work as the stems of Paulownia are hollow and the cutting needs to be trimmed to just below a leaf join so that there isnt a hollow in the stem underground.
Both are not particullary easy to get to grow esp. the rot cuttings. but worth a try

11 Jul, 2009

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