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Cucumber plants

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I am growing a cucumber plant for the first time, it has reached a height of 1.25 metres. It has several flowers on it and there appears to be some cucumbers approx 10 mm long. please can someone tell me what else needs to be done before the cucumbers grow? Thank you



not sure if this is the proper answer but i am in my second year growing and i don't do anything, i support with a cane and feed and get lovely cucumbers...good luck x

11 Jul, 2009


Cucumbers make rampant plants so the main problem is just keeping them under control. I'd pinch out the leader once it reaches the height you want, and then pinch out each side shoot two or three leaves after each cucumber has formed. Take out any other shoots which grow just to keep the rest of the plant under control and to allow some air to circulate.

11 Jul, 2009


My plants have been producing since the end of April. I use the metal cage like support, (you find them at most garden centers) I do nothing but water them. If it rains that's great! No need to pinch this pull that. Give them water and if they look wilted give them water. As long as you water them the cukes you see will get bigger and bigger. Pretty soon you will be able to enjoy.

11 Jul, 2009

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